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About me

I'm just a guy who was born in '96. My interests are IT, media, motorization and internet scams. Since very long time I'm making videos and graphics. I can also code simple programs using compilator that supports Pascal, or using Visual Studio. Programming languages I know are: Pascal, C++ (for a little bit) and Small Basic (I know this one better than C++, but worse than Pascal).

My webmastering experience

I had to deal with lots of forums scripts and CMS, and others. My adventure with these I've started with free forums hosting (ofc. it was without FTP nor MySQL access). My first ones were PunBB and phpBB 2 (I don't remember which of them I was testing for the first time). My first contact with PunBB was that I didn't even know how to add new category (probably it was that).

If you want to know my computers' specs, check this page.